Yesterday we created our first Vaadin application with Maven. Today as a true Agile Developer we will try to work with Vaadin with our testing tools.

Work on Acceptance Test
We will work on a simple calculator, with 9 buttons for the digits, 4 buttons for the operator (/, *, -, +) and an enter button, to display the result.
The first stories would be :

  • As a User, when I push the button 2, +, 4, I expect have a result of 6
  • As a User, I expect to see a classic calculator with the numbers in a grid of 3 x 3

Prepare Maven for the Test
We use Spock, a testing and specification framework for Java and Groovy applications. And a few other testing libraries that I like to work with.


We need also add the following plugins, so all work fine :


We are finally ready to start our application.