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Agile Testing

Agile Testing

Course information

Coming soon
2 days
Hosted by:

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4,300,000 VND
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Agile Testing course will introduce you to Agile testing methods, and explore their use so that you can immediately step from the classroom into the office with new found confidence. We will discuss the roles, methods, tools and technologies that can be relied upon to deliver speed and optimum flexibility. You will start to feel a new sense of flexibility, confidence and enthusiasm (maybe for the first time in your entire development career). This course will demonstrate how traditional test practices impede the speed of software delivery and how an Agile testing approach enhances delivery speed and improves overall quality.
You will be shown how to complete testing activities adopting an Agile testing mindset. Through hand-on exercises and interactive discussions, you will discover good strategies for driving development in an Agile environment. The course is also filled with real-life examples of the many ways Agile testers add value.  


  • Understand the role of testing in Agile projects.
  • Produce dynamic test strategies, plans, scenarios and test cases on an Agile project.
  • Implementation of all phases of testing in agile environment.
  • Integrate Agile testing and quality assurance to ensure continuous attention to technical excellence and user satisfaction.
  • Prove your software delivers value using iterative cycles.
  • Improve the design of existing code using refactoring techniques.

We hand to you

  • 2 days of workshop covering all aspects of Agile Testing.
  • Handouts, course material, etc in both English and Vietnamese.
  • Code examples
  • 15 SEUs from Scrum Alliance.
  • And last but not least, lot of running cases and activities.

Who should attend?

  • Testers, Quality Analysts in Agile projects.
  • Project managers entering the Agile environment.
  • Managers of teams involved in Agile development.

Course prerequisites

An understanding of fundamental Agile principles and fundamental testing concepts is necessary for this course. We highly recommend you to attend Agile Fundamentals course to gain the appropriate background knowledge.

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