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Operational Project Risk Management

Operational Project Risk Management

Course information

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3 days
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Risk Management is one of the major processes at stake in Project Management. Operational Project Risk Management course will show to the participants how to deal with Risks, taken from the dual perspective of threats and opportunities. How to prepare a solid Risk Management plan, and how to integrate Risks with the other Project Management Processes, such as Planning, Budgeting and Scope Management. Operational Project Risk Management provides a set of tools and techniques immediately applicable in their own professional context. The content of this course is not specifically linked to a particular Project Management standard or method, and can be integrated with any of them.


  • Understand Risks and Risk Management in the context of Project Management
  • Gain a clear perspective over Threats and Opportunities
  • Understand how to identify and assess Risks
  • Understand and apply tools and techniques to deal with Risks

- Weighting

- Mitigations

- Risk profiling

- Risk controlling

  • Understand and apply tools and techniques to integrate Risks with Scope, Budget and Planning

- The Risk Mitigation Structure

  • Develop risk profiles for individual projects and consolidated Portfolios
  • Understand how to link Risk Management and Project Closure

Who should attend?

The seminar is aimed at project managers and all those who manage projects or project team members, as well as all managers who need to understand project management and risk management specific issues

Project managers, portfolio managers, program managers or PMO managers who need a practical set of tools and techniques to manage risks on their projects.

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