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Team & Personal Leadership Development. The Leader’s Tools & Duties

Team & Personal Leadership Development. The Leader’s Tools & Duties

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Leaders face unique challenges to keeping their team members motivated and aligned to the organizational or project’s strategy. This difficulty is often due to the difference between Leadership and Authority, Power and Influence. Also a Leader must take into account the specific needs and expectations of its team members at the same level as customer expectations. The project Team, the Project Manager are Key Stakeholders, and often in a globalized world, these stakeholders present a big diversity in styles, backgrounds and cultures. A diverse team means varied customs and cultures not to mention communications styles, and these critical factors must considered if a leader is to ensure that the team remains committed to producing positive outcomes on behalf of the leader and the organization. Team & Personal Leadership Development course will examine the differences frequently found within teams, discuss  types of conflicts that can occur, and specific leadership techniques and how they might be applied within your leadership team to reduce conflict and keep everyone moving in the same direction.
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