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The Project Driven Strategic Chain©, the Value Driven Organizational Governance

The Project Driven Strategic Chain©, the Value Driven Organizational Governance

Course information

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2 days
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Strategic Management aims to be an integrated process, from the top Strategic level to the bottom supporting and operational level. Nowadays, most of the organizations are basing the execution of their strategy on projects and programs. The Project Driven Strategic Chain course will tend to provide an overview of the Strategic Chain, showing the importance of managing the interactions between its different levels and layers. We will provide the participants with solid tools and operational techniques, based on a systemic approach, to manage the different levels and the interactions between them, allowing them to monitor and control the Strategic Alignment of the different components of the Strategic Chain. This course is aligned with the PMI® Portfolio Management Standard, second Edition.



  • Understand the overall Project Driven Strategic Chain©  concept
  • Understand concept and be able to formulate: Strategic Vision, Strategy, Governance
  • Apprehend the different Strategic Layers and their specificities: Strategic Layer, Program / Portfolio Layer, Project Layer, Operational Layer
  • Understand and apply advanced EVM and Risk Management tools and techniques  to:

- Monitor Strategic Chain status

- Make financial and planning forecast

- Define corrective actions

- Construct Strategic Status reports for various stakeholder

Who should attend?

  • Executives who need practical tools and techniques to formulate and deploy efficiently their Strategic Vision through the organization
  • Portfolio and program managers who need to built the execution of a Strategy and monitor the strategic fit and alignment of the various components of their portfolios and programs
  • Project managers, portfolio managers, program managers or PMO managers who need a practical set of tools and techniques to monitor their projects and be able to consolidate the data for reporting and forecasting purposes.
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