My PCS Mobile

My PCS Mobile is mobile wallet dedicated to the PCS MasterCard® user. It allows them different features (reload, P2P transaction, premium upgrade). It is also the first MasterPass certified wallet for the french market. The app also includes a mobile KYC solution.

Client: Smartlink SA.
Concept: Mobile payment solution.
Platform: Android, iOS.
Technologies: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, AngularJS, Ionic framework, Java for Android, C-Objective, Spring MVC, ServiceMix.
Database: MySQL, MongoDB

World Mobile Recharge

With the World Mobile Recharge application, it becomes possible to credit anyone’s prepaid mobile phone number, anywhere in the world. Simply enter the phone number, select the amount and checkout. Over 100+ countries and 350+ telecom operators supported worldwide.

Client: Smartlink SA.
Concept: TopUp and Order calling card (new version is supported).
Platform: Android.
Technology: Java on Android.
Database: MySQL

Airtime Web

Airtime Web reloads prepaid mobile phone all around the world. This is a multi-network website to manage the product price of Merchants or Retailers. With a friendly layout, Airtime Web gives to its users an accurate overview of all the transactions, total sales as well as the total profit.

Client: Smartlink SA.
Platform: Web.
Technologies and Frameworks: Spring MVC, Spring Data JPA, ActiveMQ, Bootstrap, KnockoutJS, MongoDB, PostgresDB.
Database: PostgresSQL, MongoDB.

BackOffice Web

BackOffice Web was made to manage the users of the Smartlink applications: PCS Wallet, WMR with multi-tenant technique. BackOffice Web facilitates the administration of our system with outstanding features: Group Manager, Template Group Manager and User Manager. The system helps the tenants to download the transaction reports and ensure the KYC compliance.

Client: Smartlink SA.
Platform: Web.
Technologies and Frameworks: Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Batch, Spring Data, JSP, AnguilarJS, Bootstrap.
Database: MySQL


Unchained-network is a product conceived by Extatik (a digital agency based in France) aiming the federation of extreme sport adepts. SmartDev has built this network from the scratch with  the Ionic, Cordova and Swift technologies. The application allows the users to create customized pages and consumes the Google Map APIs.

Client: Extatik.
Concept: Sport Social Network.
Platform: API, IOS, Android.
Technologies: Ionic, Cordova, Swift, nodeJS.

POND Mobile

Pond Mobile is an app that allows users from all around the world to call their friends for a very low rate. Pond Mobile, is built over a private VoIP network and already servers thousands of users. Pond Mobile application conveniently allows its users to pay their bills by credit cards.

Client: POND Mobile.
Concept: VoIP Phone App.
Platform: API, Android, IOS.
Technologies: Ionic, Parser, PhoneGap.

TRALALA Hotel Website

TRALALA Hotel Website is a successful Agile offshore project built up to manage the services, facilities as well as the events of TRALALA Hotel. This website is also a powerful tool to interact with customers and increase sales.

Client: TRALALA Hotel
Concept: Hotel Management
Platform: Responsive Web
Technologies: WordPress, MySql


SmartPay is a white label platform dedicated to the prepaid card market. It provides a list of features out of the box : real-time card balance, transaction history management, peer to peer, reload method, mobile KYC. It helps card program owners reducing their call center cost and providing new revenue streams.

Client: Smartlink SA.
Concept: Mobile Money Management.
Platform: Android, iOS, Web Service.
Technologies: Java for Android, C-Objective, Swift, Spring MVC, ServiceMix.
Database: MySQL, MongoDB

VTOPO mobile application

VTOPO is an app that allows its customers to discover new mountain biking trails based on GPS location : 

Client: Extatik.
Concept: Biking Trail Content.
Platform: IOS, Android.
Technologies: Ionic, Angular, PHP, Swift

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