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MOBILE APP – Les recommandables

The first Community application to find the best professionals

Les recommendable is the first Community application that allows you to find the best professionals, recommended by consumers on specific criteria, and professional goals around you.

  • A competent doctor? An experienced plumber? A recognized lawyer? An independent trust? Anywhere, anytime?
  • Quite simply, distinguish the best professionals to promote or report the worst, to protect future consumers.
  • We offer an efficient tool, ethical, objective, inclusive and fair for you to find the best, advocating quality and to simply and quickly the right choice.
  • Contrary to opinions and comments online that lack of veracity and relevance, strength Recommendable is that to offer quality recommendations, verified and certified. With the implementation of demand hard evidence (invoice, photos or videos) you certify that your experiences are real and prove your words.
  • We want to highlight the credibility of pros who deserve it. Help us to distinguish the best professionals! Recommend them!


Client: Les Recommandables
Industry: Web trends.
Platform: Android & iOS.
Technology: Node.js, React Native.
Database: MongoDB.


MOBILE APP – BoobyTrapp

Connecting Breast Cancer Patients

Nobody wants to hear the words “you have breast cancer” but if you do find yourself on the receiving end of such a statement, know that you are not alone. We built BoobyTrapp primarily so that you can connect with other young breast cancer patients. Discover a community that can relate to what you are going through with TrappMatch – a unique feature that connects you to other patients.

BoobyTrapp was designed as a safe place for all types and stages of breast cancer – be it recently diagnosed, finished with treatment or metster for life, make the most of having a community in your pocket.

Besides the social element, our My PA feature allows you to manage all things related to your treatment: appointments, scans, side effects, medication and more.

Client: Boobytrapp.io.
Industry: Medical.
Platform: Android & iOS.
Technology: Node.js, React Native.
Database: MySQL.



A prayer time clock application for Muslims

The applications (for both Android and IOS operating systems) indicate, with accuracy, times of the daily prayers and other prayer related obligations,  using a database containing actual prayer times obtained from Islamic Societies around the world.

The Belal applications are thought to be simple to use and as accurate as possible. Using the GPS integrated into the mobile devices, the application identifies the exact current location, so as to guarantee the accuracy of the prayer times and indicate the right direction to Qibla. Selected “Athan” is played to indicate the occurrence of Prayer Time and recitation of special verses from the Quran to indicate prayer-related events. It is also possible to query prayer times for any day of the year.

Named after the first Muslim bestowed with the honour of calling believers to prayer, the Belal prayer time clock is intended to be a constant reminder to Muslims to accomplish their mandatory five daily prayers by indicating the precise time of the prayers through proprietary audio and visual means.

Client: IPTEQ.
Industry: Religion.
Platform: Android & iOS.
Technology: Node.js, React Native.
Database: SQLite.


Captivating audio guides about art and history of Florence from the world’s top scholars.

  • Easy and convenient way to explore: All audio guides are easily accessible on your phone. Wherever you go, you can find a story to listen to.
  • Highest quality of content: Our storytellers aren’t your average tour guides! They are history and art scholars, art conservators and restorers.
  • Personalized tour at a low cost: We think that everyone should be able to afford a great tour guide. Our platform allows us to bring the highest quality guides to a much larger audience at a much lower price.
  • Stories downloadable to your device: Traveling and have no mobile data package? No problem! You can purchase and download stories whenever you have WiFi, and listen to them at will.
  • BackendNode.js
  • PaymentStripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay
  • DatabaseMongoDB
  • FrontendReact Native

MOBILE APP – Loci Amica

Loci Amica is an app that connects international travelers to local tour guides in popular destinations around the world. They make it possible for globetrotters to have more engaging experiences in the destinations they visit. At the same time, they provide locals with a passion for their homeland the opportunity to make a living doing what they love most.

Client: Loci Amica.
Industry: Tourism.
Platform: Android & iOS.
Technology: React Native, Java.
Database: MySQL.

SmartDev -Whip-MTB- Mobile App


Connecting the whole Mountain biking world

Whip MTB is the first App that keeps you connected to the whole Mountain biking world. Giving you direct access to all the web’s latest MTB videos, photos, and articles – from all your favorite brands, riders, magazines, and events. Plus a platform where you can upload and share your own MTB stories with a worldwide audience.

Use Whip MTB to
– Discover all latest MTB stories.
– Follow all your favorite brands, riders, magazines.
– Get MTB Good deals around you or anywhere on earth !
– Keep up to date and follow events in real time.
– Receive push notification whenever new content goes live from things you follow.
– Connect with riders and discover new riding spots all over the world.
– Upload and share your own videos, photos, and reviews.
– Use the “Wheelie Bar” to rate all your favorite stories and help choose Whip MTB’s daily “Top Stories”.
– Gather points on your own stories to be featured in Whip MTB’s daily “Top User Stories” section.