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Java is a multi-platform programming language used in a variety of industries to build IT products. Implementing, maintaining and supporting these applications requires a dedicated IT department. Needs, however, can change. A sufficient number of developers one day, may not be enough for the next. Accordingly, as needs can grow, they can also decrease.

As a Java outsourcing company, we can provide you with a harmonious team that has a long history of successful deliveries. As requirements are different in each project, we can provide a team that is tailored to your needs.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the accepted payment methods?

We only accept bank transfer.

Do I own the source code of my project?

Yes, you do.

Can SmartDev work on an existing project?

We can resume the work on existing projects.

Can SmartDev produce the design of my apps / website?

Yes, we offer professional UX/UI design services.

Does SmartDev manage the deployment of my project?

Yes, we manage the deployment and the publication of your project. 

Can SmartDev sign a NDA before exchanging information?


Does SmartDev offer maintenance plans?

We sure do. We can adapt our plan to your need.

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