A prayer time clock application for Muslims

The applications (for both Android and IOS operating systems) indicate, with accuracy, times of the daily prayers and other prayer related obligations,  using a database containing actual prayer times obtained from Islamic Societies around the world.

The Belal applications are thought to be simple to use and as accurate as possible. Using the GPS integrated into the mobile devices, the application identifies the exact current location, so as to guarantee the accuracy of the prayer times and indicate the right direction to Qibla. Selected “Athan” is played to indicate the occurrence of Prayer Time and recitation of special verses from the Quran to indicate prayer-related events. It is also possible to query prayer times for any day of the year.

Named after the first Muslim bestowed with the honour of calling believers to prayer, the Belal prayer time clock is intended to be a constant reminder to Muslims to accomplish their mandatory five daily prayers by indicating the precise time of the prayers through proprietary audio and visual means.

Client: IPTEQ.
Industry: Religion.
Platform: Android & iOS.
Technology: Node.js, React Native.
Database: SQLite.

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