MOBILE APP – BoobyTrapp

Connecting Breast Cancer Patients

Nobody wants to hear the words “you have breast cancer” but if you do find yourself on the receiving end of such a statement, know that you are not alone. We built BoobyTrapp primarily so that you can connect with other young breast cancer patients. Discover a community that can relate to what you are going through with TrappMatch – a unique feature that connects you to other patients.

BoobyTrapp was designed as a safe place for all types and stages of breast cancer – be it recently diagnosed, finished with treatment or metster for life, make the most of having a community in your pocket.

Besides the social element, our My PA feature allows you to manage all things related to your treatment: appointments, scans, side effects, medication and more.

Industry: Medical.
Platform: Android & iOS.
Technology: Node.js, React Native.
Database: MySQL.

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