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MOBILE APP – Les recommandables

The first Community application to find the best professionals

Les recommendable is the first Community application that allows you to find the best professionals, recommended by consumers on specific criteria, and professional goals around you.

  • A competent doctor? An experienced plumber? A recognized lawyer? An independent trust? Anywhere, anytime?
  • Quite simply, distinguish the best professionals to promote or report the worst, to protect future consumers.
  • We offer an efficient tool, ethical, objective, inclusive and fair for you to find the best, advocating quality and to simply and quickly the right choice.
  • Contrary to opinions and comments online that lack of veracity and relevance, strength Recommendable is that to offer quality recommendations, verified and certified. With the implementation of demand hard evidence (invoice, photos or videos) you certify that your experiences are real and prove your words.
  • We want to highlight the credibility of pros who deserve it. Help us to distinguish the best professionals! Recommend them!


Client: Les Recommandables
Industry: Web trends.
Platform: Android & iOS.
Technology: Node.js, React Native.
Database: MongoDB.

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