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In a nutshell, Node.js development technology is a software platform that is used to build network applications, particularly server-side. So what is so special about that? Well, the beauty of Node.js is that it uses JavaScript as its scripting language and houses a built-in HTTP server library, allowing a web server to be run without the need for external software, such as Apache, and offering developers more control over how the server functions.

Add into the equation the fact that developers are now able to create an entire web application in JavaScript, on both server- and client-side, and you can see why the developing community is smitten.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the accepted payment methods?

We only accept bank transfer.

Do I own the source code of my project?

Yes, you do.

Can SmartDev work on an existing project?

We can resume the work on existing projects.

Can SmartDev produce the design of my apps / website?

Yes, we offer professional UX/UI design services.

Does SmartDev manage the deployment of my project?

Yes, we manage the deployment and the publication of your project. 

Can SmartDev sign a NDA before exchanging information?


Does SmartDev offer maintenance plans?

We sure do. We can adapt our plan to your need.

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