Management Board

Vincent Roye

I will take a personal interest in your project and ensure it reaches a high standard of excellence. Your success is our success.

Nguyen Le

I am an experienced Agile Coach with a long track record in the software outsourcing industry. I focus on building processes and cultures inside Vietnamese production centers.

Maxime Perniola

I will supervise and guide the project development to match your requirements, while advising on the best technologies to use.

React Native Team

Project Manager
Vinh T.

I am an experienced Project Manager.

Full-stack Developer
Vinh T.

I have been working as a software engineer for 7 years and I have built a solid expertise that has proven to be a great asset to the clients. My credo is to keep things simple, fast and convenient for everyone.

React Native Developer
Thu N.

I have high skills in React Native, Node.js and other JavaScript frameworks.

Native Mobile Team

Android Developer
Hau B.

I am an Android team leader and trainer. I have experience in Java, Android, Kotlin, Swift and Unity. I build core architecture bases for Android and iOS.

iOS Developer
Oanh T.

I am a very enthusiastic iOS developer. Always in a good mood and happy to work on your project.

Binh B.

I am a QA who is responsible for the quality of the whole product to ensure the best experience & satisfaction of the customer. I love to research and adapt the new technologies for testing on the platform such as mobile or web .


I am a software tester. I will follow up during the project development process and ensure the project is best completed. I will devote myself to the company.

Java Team

Solution Architect
Steve B.


Java Developer
Hung B.

I have excellent Java development skills.

Java Developer
Quang P.

With many years of experience in Java development, I want to discover and build useful products for life.

Administration Team

HR Manager
Tam Thanh

I have been the HR Manager of SmartDev for 2 years. I feel that SmartDev is like my second family with nice and smart developers.


I am Smartdev's accountant - hard working - flexible - focused.

Marketing Director
Davy Jacob

My assignment is two-fold. On the one hand, I’m responsible for Marketing. On the other hand, I’m taking up the role of Product Manager. My goal is to add even more value to the top-notch team of SmartDev.