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SmartDev has been working in cooperation with Samsung Semiconductor ( ), Ingenico Group ( and Zeit Control Card Systems GmbH (

As a result, SmartDev has developed, for its parent company, the “Contactless Companion Platform (CCP)” – a cutting-edge extensive white-label payment ecosystem including:

  • A secure back-end for the processing of the card transactions
  • A web back-office for the monitoring and configuration of the card-related environment
  • A web interface, iOS and Android mobile app that enables the card-owners to control and manage their card-related account
CCP Diagram



Card Transactions

SmartDev’s server process the data sent by the card reader. Our card service module directly invokes our client’s APIs to process the business logic associated with the reading/writing of the cards.

The underlying architecture supporting the card transactions is powered by Kafka. The CCP server applications are deployed with Kubernetes for greater scalability, redundancy and availability.

These technologies guarantee the capacity to handle thousands of simultaneous of concurrent transactions without any loss.


Back-office for the system monitoring

CCP’s back-office is supported by jHipster. It is rapidly customizable for any monitoring and configuration purpose. The web interface supports:

  • The display of the card operations
  • The card management (add, edit, deactivate, delete)
  • The administration team management
  • Automatic reporting


End-Use Web & Mobile Interfaces

The CCP solution includes a web interface + Android & iOS mobile applications. These components allow your end-users to visualize any kind of operations against their card and associated accounts.

Current Implementation

Tatem – Telco Operator


Tatem Cash

The CCP solution for Tatem leverages the CIPURSE technology for the process of micropayments in brick and mortar retail shops in Congo.


Arnaud Chadeyron
Commercial Director

255-257 Hung Vuong Street
Danang City

+84 236 366 67 67

Karo Hajrapetian
Senior Sales Representative

Repslagargatan, 724 60,
Västerås, Västmanland

Karo Hajrapetian
Karo Hajrapetian

Karo Hajrapetian
Senior Sales Representative

Repslagargatan, 724 60,
Västerås, Västmanland

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