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Agile Project Management

Agile project management to hit key milestones by fast and accurate execution.

In today’s world, who embraces change? Who leads the situation? End up with victory. Agile project management here is absolutely the game changer. To help customers capture their target markets, we offer such a differentiated service backed by cutting-edge technology and advanced principles.

It is such a value-driven approach for clients to ensure a top-notch quality on time and on budget. It continuously evaluates time and cost as primary constraints. Rapid feedback, continuous adaptation and QA best practices are built in to the team’s committed schedules, ensuring excellent output and proven processes. By having greater visibility and continuous interaction, Agile project management allows quick reaction to change and bottlenecks in the development process, and then achieve better and faster delivery.

Our Agile experts located in Vietnam and abroad make up a strong supportive team to remain a certain amount of collaboration with customers. Agile project management roles cover Scrum Master, Product Owner, Product Champion, Agile Tester and Agile Developer. We set a high bar of continuous improvement, scope flexibility, team input, and delivering essential quality products. Agile project management methodologies we propose include scrum, extreme programming (XP), lean.

Project Onsite

We send our passionate development team to stay right on customers’ side. That ensures an extreme readiness as well as on-time response from the whole team and the work through the life cycle of an Agile project.

  • Vietnam teams onsite to work on your projects.
  • Expertise contributed & Control taken by Smartdev.

Nearshore Project

We tailor our service and gain a deeper customer insight by having our representatives onsite with customers. That removes the concerns about shifting a big part of business overseas and keeps the trust between us intact. Agile project management is here all about creating high-impact development teams with minimal business disruption.

  • SE Asia onsite at front office: project management, requirements collection, architecture design.
  • Externalized development activities in our Da Nang Centers.
  • Analysis & expertise contributed by Smartdev.

Offshore Dedicated Centers

Yes, we are located in Vietnam and most of us are Vietnamese. But don’t get us wrong. Smartdevers are global citizens. Thanks to “open-up” working style and authentic Swiss leadership, we defeat language barriers and provide Agile ODC services in culture compatibility with customers. We continuously deliver the value-driven features and have the real-time information to tightly manage cost, time and scope.

  • Development activities in Vietnam.
  • Secured area, VPN, specific servers in Smartdev’s responsibility.

Our consultant network