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Nguyen Le Vu

  • Facilitator of SmartDev LLC
  • Event Speaker
  • 3+ years of being a facilitator
  • Co-founder of Da Nang Java Community
  • Management 3.0 licensed facilitator
Nguyen Le Vu

Short Bio

As a Coach, I find the way to improve the team about the process and coding . Try to eliminate waste in the team . I do pair working with each team member to see how to improve the working of developers, and understand how developers are feeling. I would like to bring the new cultures, values and happiness to my team. I want to be a Coach not a manager because It makes me feel happy when I teach other people and transfer to people what I have been taught in university and my life experiences.

As a Scrum Master, I help the team to resolve impediments and make sure the team follows Scrum process. I would like to cooperate with the team rather than "Manage" and "Control" the team. I am in charge of CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery) for the team to help the team improves the quality of software and automation release. I'm a Coacher and help the team to improve the way of working. I am incharge of delivery product from begining to the end (Devop). I want to bring happiness , passion, and freedom to people around me.

Moreover, I am co-founder of java community in Da Nang. Where I organize java event day for all developers in Da Nang. They come and share knowledge. I am speaker at Agile Tour Viet Nam event in 2014 where I presented Agile process such as Scrum, Nano Scrum and ScrumBan. I gave some training about Agile for teachers in University.

As an agile developer,

Back-end side : JAVA is the most interesting language. I love Spring framework . I work with Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Data , Spring Restful webservice, curently I am learning Spring Intergration. I want to try all spring components. I also know the best practice of writing the good code with Clean Code ,TDD, and BDD

Front-end: I know HTML, Javascript (Jquery,AngularJS) , CSS (bootstrap,polymer), Ionic

Database : I work with relational database such as Mysql, Postgres and NoSQL (MongoDB,Neo4j)
I am learning other databases such as : Hadoop, Casandra."
I've worked with EJB framework, liferay portal