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Alexandre Cuva

  • CEO of SmartDev
  • Experience with distributed Scrum teams in Vietnam & India
  • 16 years of international experience in software development and project manager
  • Coach Agile Team in Switzerland, Vietnam, France, Tunisia, Italy, Belgium and Netherlands
  • Management 3.0 & Certified Scrum Developer Trainer
  • Co-founder of Da Nang Agile User Group
Alexandre Cuva

Short Bio

SmartDev is where all Alex’s dedication come down to create the first pool of expert in Agile and Extreme Programming in Vietnam as well as form the true concept of happiness at work. That empowers the whole team to deliver an optimizing solution for customers’ innovative ideas. He is also an Independent Agile Coach and a trainer in Vietnam. In addition to coaching, Alexandre facilitate courses and free talks about agile, scrum, kanban, team dynamics, culture hacking, happiness, agile leadership, management 3.0, agile adaptation, large scale agile and xp practices. He co-founded diverse agile communities in the French Switzerland like ScrumBeer, Stoos Satellite and Vietnam.
Alexandre has seen both pragmatic, truly agile, lean, big, organic and team oriented. He believe Agile is a big experiment, although the thought that it is an unproved hypothesis still exists in people’s mind. After ten years of embracing and applying Agile practice, Alex always firmly states that as long as people put their trust in a revolutionized management, Agile is “best” way to go.