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Trung Hoang Nhac

  • Facilitator of SmartDev
  • Speaker of some Agile events
  • 3+ years of being a facilitator
  • 4+ years of being a lecture at universities in Da Nang
  • 2+ years of training/coaching Agile
  • ICAgile Authorized Trainer
  • Management 3.0 licensed facilitator
Trung Hoang Nhac

Short Bio

My professional career of a software developer started in 2005 when I was a 3rd year student. After graduated, I have worked mostly for larger companies on enterprise-level software and have experienced various roles from developer to analyst, bridge system engineer, project manager and then, becoming an IT trainer. In 2011, I started teaching IT, first at Softech Aptech training center, then at universities and other IT centers in Danang. My journey of an agile coach started in 2014. I started to promote Agile programming techniques within my team and later in universities in Danang. We have adopted many Agile practices, vastly improved automation of our development and deployment infrastructure and successfully implemented Scrum/Kanban/XP process on many projects. I believe three things are necessary to be successful in our industry these days: empowered and motivated teams, strong technical skills, and a simple and transparent process.