So, why would you outsource your software development?

1 – Cost Savings
It is much cheaper! Software developers in Vietnam may cost 80% less than their Western European or North American counterparts. Moreover, you will not need to invest in software, neither in hardware, nor in an expensive working environment.

2 – Time Savings
With SmartDev, you will not waste time with the recruitment process of your developers, you will not waste time overseeing their work and you will not have to worry about the quality of the deliveries. SmartDev will allocate the resources that fit best to your needs, control the quality and respect the deadlines.

3 – Lack of in house experience
SmartDev offers a wide range of expertise and experience available at any moment. From web to mobile application development, SmartDev’s skillset covers the most popular technologies for which you may have difficulties to find experts in your domestic market.

4 – Flexibility
SmartDev allows you to rent resources for a short period of time. The service contract can be renewed, suspended or cancelled with a short notice period. SmartDev can also scale up your team to fulfill your needs of extension.

5- Talented IT Professionals
SmartDev gives you immediate access to some of the best and brightest Vietnamese information-technology professionals. We hire engineers graduated from the best universities of the country and provide them a complete training on the latest technologies.

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